Some reflections on election

2016 Electoral Map

It’s the morning after a presidential election.  We still have the same country we had last week.  Similar to what we had in summer 2008.  It still has an ineffective system of government that can’t be dictated to by a single leader.  We are still diverse, divided, corrupt, sexist and racist.

Today, there’s a good share of it that now realizes those differences.  Eight years ago, a mostly different segment of the population figured out their nation had shifted underneath them.

I hope 2016 is more like 1968 than 1948.  In 1948, the polls were wrong.  They hadn’t made phone calls to a good segment of the voters.  The ones who didn’t have phones.  The polls last week were wrong too.  Maybe because the print media had shamed white men so much they wouldn’t answer the questions of the pollsters.  Maybe because many Trump voters lied in their shame.

In 1968, most of the people voted for a veteran, policy-oriented, establishment Democrat.  Who lost in the electoral college.  To a corrupt narcissist.

In the following years young people in this country led multiple social movements that resulted in profound and lasting change.  Changes that are embedded in our current social fabric, even though they aren’t complete.

A war was ended.  Our side lost.  Because of this, our nation now questions every military commitment before making it.

We stopped raping the land quite as badly.  Numerous government agencies and non-profit groups now work for protection of the natural world.

1976 map of Jimmy Carter’s electoral victory

Women have more voice in our government and in our society generally.

So maybe, we need to get to work.  And get out to play.  Play like it’s the late 60’s again.  Work like it’s the peace/environmental/women’s movement in their heydays.