Inward circumcision

In him you have been circumcised, with a circumcision performed, not by human hand, but by the complete stripping of your natural self. This is circumcision according to Christ.

Source: Colossians – Chapter 2 – Verse 11 – New Jerusalem Bible

Margaret Fell also wrote about the complete stripping of ourselves.

Friends, deal plainly with yourselves, and let the eternal Light search you, and try you, for the good of your souls. For this will deal plainly with you. It will rip you up, and lay you open, and make all manifest which lodges in you…. Therefore all to this come, and by this be searched, and judged, and led and guided.

Margaret Fell, 1656

Hugh Barbour and Arthur Roberts wrote similarly in their general introduction to Early Quaker Writings:

The Light, a metaphor which suggests a searchlight into a well or a candle in a dark closet and not man’s own mental power, is not to be distinguished in early Quaker experience from Christ or the Spirit within men. The Light searched out sin and brought into sight all of a man’s inward emotions and outward acts…

Inwardly Jewish?

George Fox spoke and wrote about being a Jew inwardly.

The sacramental churches care about water baptism.  I’m not Jewish, nor have I ever been sprinkled.  However, I do identify with the passages above.  (‘Nuf said.)

Is the inward searching of the Light that I’ve experienced similar to the inward circumcision that Paul refers to here and in a letter to the Romans?  Is baptism also like that inward searching?