Spiritually following indigestion

Memory of what I said in worship on Sunday

I may be a spiritual follower of indigestion. One of the ways I find my way in the world is by paying attention to what’s “below” and “prior to” my thoughts. Pressures and releases in my midsection are part of that. I get an indicatiAbdominally mild felt senseon of the right or best path from attending to those felt senses.

I tell myself this, along with other experiences, is the Word of the Lord–the Inward Christ, but it may just be abdominally mild cramps or gas bubbles.

You may have a different way to feel what’s below or prior and inward or a different story about the origin of the sense you get. I’m interested in how you sense it and the stories you tell about it. The process you use and the stories you tell are not essential. Nor are mine. They are all important.storyteller

Important questions include:
∙ Are you open to something transcendent?
∙ How does it change your life?
∙ What kind of community does it lead us to build?

In retrospect, much of that still rings true.  My sense is that I was a bit too personally attached to the artistry of my phrasing and speaking.