Advices from a Superhero

As the Central Friends (middle school age group) of North Pacific Yearly Meeting gathered to open their 2014 annual session, they began Superhero with legible advicesto formulate what they refer to as a code of conduct.

It was written on paper pulled from a recycle or trash bin and torn into scraps, each with an imperative sentence attributed to a different superhero from comics and popular culture.  The scraps were taped to a human form, half-kneeling, made of clear plastic packing tape which had also been salvaged from a disposal bin.  The sculpture was winged.

Friendly neighbor.

Be yourself.
-The Hulk

Be creative.
-Mermaid man

Know when to speak and when to listen.
-Green Arrow

Be honest.
-Percy Jackson

Be accepting.
-Ninja Turtles

I doubt if the Discipline Committee of any yearly meeting could do as well with a set of advices.  Certainly not as clearly and briefly.