Disclaimers and assurances (reprise)

This blog represents just me.  My reflections and insights are drawn from my experiences as a husband, Friend and teacher, but what I write doesn’t attempt to reflect the views of my wife, my Friends meeting or the school where I teach.

This blog is hosted on my wife’’s website.  Linda Johansen is a fabric artist and teacher.   Her spiritual insights are quite different, but complementary to my own.

I don’t speak of my faith as I teach.  I wish to assure my students, their parents, my colleagues and my supervisors that my teaching is a reflection of the curriculum and best practices within the discipline of Physical Education.

3 thoughts on “Disclaimers and assurances (reprise)

  1. Hellow Jay T,

    Have come to you through the comments section on the prayer post at Can You Believe? And I have popped over to your wife’s site and ordered a couple of her books.

    Aren’t we fortunate to live in a time when we can find people with common interests a world away yet we don’t have to leave our desk and chair? I also popped over and had a look at your Quaker Meeting House – all painted in Quaker grey I note.

    I live in Melbourne, Australia. Friends are not numerous here – a thousand or so in the whole nation if we are grouped together. I belong to Eastern Suburbs Local Meeting in Melbourne which is part of Victoria Regional Meeting. Our Meetings step up from Local to Regional to Australian Yearly Meeting. Our tradition in Friends follows more the British pattern of unprogrammed Meeting for Worship.

    I am retired. I have a variety of blogs on various issues and interests and you can find them all linked at this site: http://www.brigidwalsh.webs.com

    Hope all is well with you. Our weather in Melbourne can be quite changeable – but to-day (and the weather pattern for the coming week) seems to indicate we, at last, are moving towards summer. Our summers are warm to hot and dry. Our winters are cold (in some places with snow) and wet.

    I think that you are moving towards Thanksgiving in the next week – so I do hope it is a happy, thoughtful time for you and yours.

    Blessings and bliss

  2. Brigid

    Thanks for dropping by! Just yesterday our weather started to turn cold. There’s now snow in the mountain passes that we can’t expect to melt off until spring. Ski areas are opening.

    My yearly meeting, North Pacific, is also all unprogrammed. Another YM, Northwest, covers much of the same geographical area with an evangelical style, pastored congregations and programmed worship. Freedom Friends Church in Salem, Oregon (about 40 miles from my home) is independent, pastored and welcoming to folks with many lifestyles.

    Thanksgiving Day is indeed next week. It’s a semi-secular holiday that I can actually get behind and experience inwardly. Potluck dinner at our house with an open invitation. It includes you, too! Write for more info.

    I’m thankful today for a visit from our older son. He and his friend have crossed the Cascades to see my wife and I.

    Drop back by anytime. I can’t promise much activity on the blog, but it’s always open.

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