For at least a half hour of this morning’s worship, I wasn’t fully comfortable.  I had volunteered to oversee the meeting for worship and had arrived barely before the appointed Worried facetime.  I’d not had time to open the overhead window its usual crack, or to turn on the ceiling fan.  The lack of air circulation put me to sleep for a while.  My throat was dry, as I’d left my water bottle outside fastened to my bicycle.  I was not in a sufficiently spiritual state.  I was tired from working hard and with too much adrenaline at quarterly meeting yesterday.

Close to the end of meeting, the Lord inwardly admonished me not to fret.  I was sufficient for God to address.  My throat, the atmosphere, my energy were all enough for God to reach through to find me.

This reassuring message of sufficiency and competence is the message of gratitude.  As I begin to pray, it helps to be thankful and acknowledge the blessings of life that surround me.

This is also the message of forgiveness.  No matter the evils I’ve suffered through or the way people have abused me, if I can let them go, I can encounter One who lives beyond all those slights, injuries and insufficiencies.

This morning I was informed that clearly:
∙    I am enough,
∙    My meeting is enough,
∙    The place is suitable, and
∙    Simple silence is all that is needed  —  to hear the voice of God.