Dear John #5


Referring to Abraham Farrington’s ministry, you phrased your description, “In both these meetings my ancient companion was engaged to preach largely in the love of the gospel.”

That’s not a phrasing I would have used, but it does open some windows to me on how vocal ministry is an act of love.  I’m considering this morning how much our speaking flows from the love Friends hold each other in.  Usually I consider ministry as an act of obedience to God, or of passing on the Light as received.  It is that, but your phrasing has pointed me to the relationship between minister and flock.

I’ve long recognized the importance of a healthy school community in the teaching I do.  When the relationships between students, staff and parents are caring and interwoven, the learning and teaching is enriched greatly.  You’re bringing me to remember how much the ministry in a Friends meeting or a church can be a product of the love and community that is present there.