on Judgement and Acceptance

This morning’s prayers were filled with understandings of love and fear, judgement and acceptance.

For about a week, I’ve been consciously struggling through my obsession with issues at school.  It’s the start of the year, there’s much to think about and work overflows and preoccupies too much space in my life.   Unconsciously, this just happened from Labor Day or before until about a week ago.  I’ve been aware of it since then, praying and finding some healing.  Long term, I’ll be OK, I’m sure.

School is a place of judgement, sorting and evaluation.  This affects students powerfully.  It affects me as an employee, especially with a new principal…that I’m not sure appreciates my work.  I’m sure she is intensely caught up in it.

Teaching elementary PE offers me a unique opportunity to break free from that.  Formal evaluation is minimal in my discipline at this level.  I hope I can help make an environment where every student is confident and safe in the knowledge that she has a unique contribution to offer–one that her classmates and the teacher will accept.

That’s quite an expectation I’m laying on myself and my classes.  Jesus calls us to a high standard and offers powerful assistance in meeting it.

I’ve written about the particular of my professional life and my spiritual life within it.  I send it to you with the thought that maybe it could possibly reflect some on your current work on Fear and Safety.  If not, thanks for reading.

All the best to you and your faithful efforts.